Wheel Bearing Packs

wheel-bearing-packsThis service is something that needs to be done regularly on all trailers. If you keep your axels and bearing greased regularly it can prolong the over hauls of bearings much longer. Depending on the frequency and miles of use, and care of the axel you may only need to repack bearings annually or bi-annually.  Repacking bearings is not the most difficult job but you do need to know what you are doing and it is a bit messy.  Not doing it correctly can result in loosing your brakes, running your bearings and potentially the axel. The basic service it taking the wheel off and disassembling the hub and axel. The bearings will have to be completely cleaned off with a solvent or kerosene and repacked after inspection of parts. After cleaning the inner bearings you will reassemble the everything in a revers order from disassembly.