Jacks & Couplers

trailer-jacks-couplersNot only are we capable to replacing Jacks and Couplers; we are able to catch potential malfunctions with these parts. By simply maintaining Jacks and Couplers you can save yourself money in the long run. Yes, we do replace all variations of both Jacks electric and manual as well as all kinds of Couplers. Jacks are used so frequently that you must keep a close ye on them to make sure they are functioning correctly when used. If there is a malfunction in your Jacks we can typically resolve the issues very easily. Couplers are the foundation of your trailer and what keeps your trailer attached to the hitch & ball on your vehicle. Keep a really close eye on your coupler and making sure it is locked when your trailer is attached. A malfunction in your coupler could potential drop your trailer while moving and cause a lot of damage. We have the ability to service and even upgrade your coupler to make sure that you are safe traveling down the road.