Why use On the Go’s fleet program?

On the Go has come out with a new fleet program to take the worry out of your trailer maintenance. Is there something that always seems to be going out on your trailer? Are you constantly finding that there are trailer lights not working or you keep getting flat tires? We have you covered from the simple things like the lights, to the hard things like broken trailer jacks or faulty back door cables.

Our program is set up on a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly visits. With our visits, we will do a trailer survey. This includes checking all the lights for proper function, inspecting the trailer suspension for cracks, rotating tires for proper wear, fixing parts that are worn out and possible broken leaf springs just to name a few.

Our goal is to keep your equipment functioning at its peak performance. We want to help minimize wear and tear on your trailer, so that you and your employees can work efficiently without worrying about their equipment failing. We believe that this will save you money because they can focus on their job at hand, while helping prevent down time from a broken down trailer that will cost you time and money in work lost.

We have enclosed a copy of our Trailer Survey Sheet, so that you can see everything that we are checking to make sure your trailer is in perfect working order. With every visit, you will receive a copy of our completed survey for each trailer in your fleet. This is so you can ensure that we are thoroughly checking every aspect of your trailer. Our purpose is not to tell you every little thing that is wrong on your trailer and expect you to fix it. We believe that preventative maintenance is key to keeping your trailer in good working condition by finding small issues before they turn into big issues.

All invoices are subject to a fuel surcharge and shop supply fee.

Fuel surcharge pricing per invoice

cost per gallon                              surcharge

$1.50-2.49         $6.50$2.50-3.49         $10.50$3.49- plus$14.50

A mileage fee will be added if the are out of the greater st george area.

shop supply fee is $4.50 per invoice

Trailer survey visit (price is per trailer)

         Bi-weekly                      Monthly          Quarterly
1-3 trailers     $12.00 1-3 trailers     $20.00 1-3 trailers $28.00
4-15 trailers   $8.00 4 -15 trailers     $12.00 4-15 trailers $20.00

Survey visit fee is waived if it results in servicing the trailer.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.